"Quick Pay"

Over the years, Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation has become favored by independent carriers because of our reputation to "Quick Pay". Our Quick Pay service will pay you via Comcheck the day after origianl POD's are received. If you are an established carrier with Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation, please click on the link to the right to download the Quick Pay form.

Please fax the completed form to: (256) 771-0901.

Corporate Fuel Discounts at Loves Truck Stops

Carroll Fulmer Logistics is excited to announce our corporate fuel discount at Loves is now available to all approved carriers! As an approved carrier you already qualify for all the benefits that come with using the Carroll Fulmer Comdata fuel card. All you need to do is call into our carrier relations department , provide your carrier code and request a card. Once you receive the card in the mail simply call back and provide your card number and ask that the card be activated. Then you're ready to start saving!

Once you are loaded with a CFLC load, you can request advance money to be loaded to your Comdata card. You can then make fuel purchases anywhere Comdata is accepted. When you purchase at Loves you will receive the same corporate discount on fuel our company fleet receives. Currently we are averaging .20 per gallon savings at Loves.

There is NO fee for the advance on the card or the fuel purchase.

Any money on your card is available for withdraw in several ways:
· POS (point of sale)/Debit card purchase
· Call the Comdata VRU (voice response unit) and register a Comchek
· Call the Comdata VRU and request a portion or all funds be direct
deposited to your bank account.

If you are interested in taking advantage of these fuel savings please contact the Carrier Relations Department at 800-468-9400 ext. 1291. A Comdata card will be assigned to you and mailed the same day.

  • Quick Pay Form
  • New Carrier Packet (New form will appear in the coming months)

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