Owner-Operator Leasing Policy

Tractor Only 70%
Tractor/Trailer 78%

2.Base Plate
If driver is planning on purchasing a base plate through Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corp., the driver is responsible for payment. The cost for one year for the base plate is approximately $1400.00 and may be purchased through our owner-operator program.

No "up front" money is required. Escrow will accrue at $.05 per mile until the maximum of $2000.00 is satisfied.

4.Vehicle Maintenance
A voluntary account can be established and may be drawn to zero at any time.

We have authority for 48 states and Canada. Permit request forms will be filled out at the time of leasing. You can discuss what areas you would like to run at the time of leasing. We order the permits you want and will use. Lessor is responsible for payment or permits. The cost is approximately $390 - $400 for all 48 states.

6,Insurance Deductibles
$1,000.00 - Deductible for liability insurance.
$1,000.00 - Deductible for physical damage on our trailer.
$1,000.00 - Deductible charge for cargo in the event of an accident.

Note: All permits, base plate, and insurances can be included in one owner-operator package program that includes overnight mail service, Qualcom and much more in one weekly deduction. For more info go to Driver Information.

7.Cargo Claims
The full amount of O.S. & D for drivers negligence will be charged to the contractor.

The above items and many more can be obtained through our owner-operator program for one weekly fee, eliminating the need for the owner-operator to put up any out of pocket money.

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