"Our goal as a company has been to build an organization that will serve as a benchmark for the entire truck transportation industry."

Our company is a benchmark for the truck transportation industry.

Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation has always set their sights on establishing themselves as a benchmark for the truck transportation industry.​

Our philosophy is simple: to provide customers with good personal service, quality equipment, fair pricing, and overall operational integrity.

The clients have responded well to this practical approach and today Carroll Fulmer's company name stands synonymous with the best in performance within the industry

Who we are



Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation is a full-service transportation and logistics company.  We serve clients throughout the United States, as well as manage logistics and brokerage operations.

Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation serves some of the leading Fortune 500 companies with online payment, document imaging, and Internet-based shipment tracking services. Additionally, the company handles LTL (less-than-truckload) shipment services.

Our History

Our greatest milestones

The beginning

Carroll Fulmer started hauling produce from the fields to local markets in GA and SC.

First major purchase

Carroll Fulmer purchases two B61 Mack Trucks and hauls produce to the east coast

New York

Carroll and Barbara move the family business to NY and opens another office in FL.

Moving the family

Carroll and Barbara move the family business to FL.

Paint Job

Carroll starting painting the name of his company down the trailers.


The new CF facility opened in Groveland on July 4th weekend.  The main building is around 13k sq ft. and the ops building is around 10k sq ft. HQ is on a 50 acre lot of land.


Carroll and Barbara move the family business to NY and opens another office in FL.


Recognized as Walmart’s carrier of the year.


Recognized as Pepsi’s carrier of the year.

The Whole Story

Founder Carroll Levi Fulmer entered the world on June 21, 1934. His wife and co­ founder Barbara Ann, was born on October 8th, 1935. The couple met in High school (last day of school at Ridge Spring High above in black and white), in their birthplace of Ridge Spring, South Carolina. In high school, Carroll was voted most likely to succeed, while Barbara was voted class queen and Miss Merry Christmas. It was around this time that Carroll's first act of business was decided. He was to marry Barbara "Bobby" Boatwright and begin the rest of his life doing something that he believed was essential to keeping society functioning. Carroll and Barbara wed on November  27, 1953. The newlyweds welcomed four children and the next generation of Carroll Fulmer Trucking between the years of 1954 and 1962: Cindy, Philip, Carroll (Tony), and Tim. ​

In the very early years, Carroll worked selling fruit and grain on the corner from his truck and Barbara worked at the Colonial Grocery store in Aiken. Carroll then worked for his father making deliveries around the valley with his brother Zack, for a salary of 25$/weekly. Carroll Fulmer entered the long-distance carrier business in 1959 when he purchased two used B61 models Mack trucks to haul produce from his home near Aiken, SC. "My first delivery was to an A&P store in Garden City, Long Island - and I had never been out of South Carolina before. It was quite a trip. It took three drivers - myself, my brother Mack, and a guy from Augusta, Ga., named Tucker, to teach me how to drive those two-stick jobs. You needed three arms to operate a truck back in those days," Fulmer recalls. In the early 1960s, Carroll drove for Cannon Truck Brokers out of Auburndale, Fla. His Brother Mack Fulmer drove one of the 1959 B61 Macks and Carroll drove an International L180 with Barbara's brother Ed Boatwright. At this time, Carroll was hauling produce to New York. These trucks had a top speed of 45 mph and no sleeper. It · was one of these runs to New York that would forever change Carroll's career and the future of his family. A wealthy man by the name of Vince Kosuga spotted Carroll out of a crowd in Pine Island, NY because he saw something special. A hardworking young Carroll was none the wiser when Vince threw an onion at the back of his head to get his attention. After convincing Carroll: there was no need to wield anything to defend himself, the two talked business and hit it off.With Kosuga's Assistance, Carroll started Ridge Truck Brokers for long-distance produce delivery. In 1962, Carroll moved his family to Pine Island, New York. Since the Fulmer family came to South Carolina from Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany in the 1750s, no Fulmer had left Ridge Spring. Carroll was never again returning to his home as a permanent resident.​

In August of 1967, Carroll and Barbara moved their family to Orlando, Fla to start their first Florida trucking company; Fulmer Brothers Transfer and Supply. This company was operated out of a "76" truck stop.​

Fast forward to 1983, Carroll is renaming his company Carroll Fulmer & Co., Inc., and is one of the Southeast's largest general freight carriers. At the time, there were 23 branches and ten brokers nationwide. Headquarters was in Orlando, before moving to Groveland in 1994. At this time produce accounted for only 25% of volume. The remainder consisted of hauling "justabout everything that goes on the shelf of a grocery store or hardware store," Carroll Fulmer said. Carroll Fulmer & Co. was also a large carrier for the U.S. Department of Defense, hauling everything "from paper towels to tanks," said Tony Fulmer.​

At the ripe age of 56 in 1991, Carroll began handing over the reins and duties of running the empire evenly to his four children. "When I turned 56 years old, we had a family meeting. I told my children that by the time I'm 60, I want to be just a consultant. We agreed that each June, I would cut back one day a week on my work here until I turn 60. I'll still be available if they need me." Carroll Fulmer admitted in a Mack magazine from the early nineties. Carroll's wife and co-founder Barbara- Whom he described as "the one who has always controlled the company's purse strings"- had cut her office chores down to two days weekly. From 1983 to 1990, Carroll Fulmer & Co. was primarily a brokerage operation that contracted with hundreds of owner-operators nationally. By 1990, the company's business had grown to the point of expansion into company-owned and operated fleets as well. Initially, the company purchased 10 Mack trucks and an additional 10 trucks from a competitor. Today, now Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation is much more involved in their company fleet of 450 trucks and 70 owner-operators, and 1600 trailers.​

The FTL-Dry trucking company has gone through several incarnations since its humble beginnings as a produce truck running from Aiken to Augusta. There is, however, one thing that has remained unaltered since the fifties, the emphasis on family involvement and dedication to a standard. Mr. Fulmer, now 87, swells with pride over the success he and his family have observed through the years. The company remains solely owned and operated by a board of Fulmers. It was Mr. Fulmer's belief that dedication to customer satisfaction and pride in performance would be achieved through personal involvement from the family owners themselves.

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